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Word of the Year

A few years ago I read about someone who picked a word to focus on for the entire year. That year I decided on joy. Joy is what I wanted to bring to others through my writing, what I wished for my patients, my family. And my word stayed the same for several years. This year, I read the SCBWI board of director’s greetings for the new year and was moved by messages of hope and peace and especially the one by Paul O. Zelinsky that ended, “May it be a year in which love will hold its own against whatever other incursions may arise.” It reminded me of the message of the Harry Potter books, and it reminded me of the message of John, “God is Love.” So my word for 2017 is Love. I want to find ways to express my love for others and to love those whose actions and words I don’t like. I want to spread a message of love in my writing. And I want to share my love with each of you.

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